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Build A Bear

Amazing Fun and Awesome Party Favor…Pick a Furry Friend and Outfit then our Attendant will fill him with life right before your very eyes…Birth Certificates Available. 8ft. X10ft. standard 110 outlet

Build Your Own Aquarium
Guests choose gravel, trinket and fish to create personal party favor that will be the talk of Your Event. Also comes with instructions to transfer the items to the bowl and how to care for your new pet, also with a weeks supply of fish food.
Standard 110 outlet
6ft table
Flip Flop Shop
Customize your own air of Flip Flops, can be themed to any event. Awesome take home party favor.
Standard 110 outlet
6ft table
Rice Jewelry

Guest picks themed Vial and Colored Magnifying Liquid then Attendant writes Guests Name on a grain of rice.Great Party Favor. Requires 6 ft. table

Tye Dye Station
Guests make their own customized Tye Dye item. Many to choose from. Clean Safe and Amazing. Comes in a plastic safety bag and care instructions.
10ft x 10ft
Mobile version: Enabled
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