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Corn Roasting Trailer
This beautiful trailer mounted Corn Roaster can yield up to 240 ears of Corn per hour. Great for outdoor events, corporate events , birthday parties etc.
8ft x 10ft. uses propane.
Funnel Cake Cart
Made onsite, served Fresh and Hot. Served with powdered sugar and variety of toppings.
Standard 110 outlet.
Hot Pretzel Cart
2 sizes to choose from (regular and Jumbo)
Served with mustard, cheese, sugar or any other flavor you would like.
Standard 110 outlet.
Inflatable Fun Foods Concession Stand

Great for Outdoor Events, Company Picknics, Team Building Events, Festials, Carnival, Fundraisers and more

Popcorn Cart
Popcorn Cart: Once the popper start popping your guests will go crazy over the smell of fresh Hot Popcorn.
Standard 110 outlet.
Pucker Powder

Delicious edible Sand Art Candy. Place plastic tube under flavors and create edible art. 23 sizes to choose from . 6 ft. X 3ft.

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