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3D Twister

Giant Inflatable Version of the Classic but this time you climb into a larger than life Twister and start following instructions.. 15 ft. X 15 ft.

Air Bots
Giant Inflatable Arena… 2 guests put on inflatable suits and try to knock their opponent off the pedestal. (sound system additional)
30ft x 30ft
Bounce House Obstacle Course
2 Players Compete to see who can Climb, Run, Bounce and Slide thru to Victory.. 75ft. X 20ft.
Bungee Run

2 people get attached to long bungee cords and see who can make it the furthest down the 25ft inflatable course.

Inflatable Boxing Ring

Let s see who s King of the Ring in this brightly colored Inflatable Boxing Ring… Comes with Giant Oversized Boxing Gloves and Headgear …20ft. X 20ft.

Lagoon Of Doom
A competition to see which of the 2 players can run on the 8ft log longest without falling onto the Inflatable Lagoon.
25ft x 25ft
Laser Tag Maze
enter the maze and try to stop you opponent in their track using out state of the art Laser Guns
15ft x 20ft
Mechanical Bull
Get on Ol’ Toro and hang on for the ride of your  life.
20ft x 20ft
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