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Arm Wrestling Table

Made from Heavy Duty Steel our Professional Arm Wrestling Table is the place to settle ALL differences. Guests of all age.

Size: 8ft x 8ft

Crazy Hair

Our Pro Stylists Create One Of a Kind Funky Colored Hair Styles for Your Guests.. 6 ft. table

Dog Tags
3 lines of info stamped on authentic Army Dog Tag machine then placed on a chain. Great Party Favor
Standard 110 outlet.
Foam Party
Many different applications for this Foam Pit Party. Can be customized for any event. High output machine.
Standard 110 outlet
Game Street Ave
Current or Classic Video Games presented on Sleek Trussing with Flatscreens up to 4 players per station. 1000’s o games to chose from.
Standard 110 outlet
Golf Challenge

Play a round of golf on our Beautiful Mini Golf Experience , Many Configurations possible to make your event a Winner.

Hermit Crab Racing
Guests get racing form and get to chose their favorite (themed) Crab. Watch your Guests scream and cheer. Great fun for ALL ages.
10ft x 10ft
Lie Detector
Guest get hooked up to the machine and gets three questions from audience…..Warning the Lie Detector ALWAYS Knows the Truth from a Lie…..
Standard 110 outlet.
Mechanical Bull

Get on Old Toro and hang on for the ride of your life. Surrounded by giant saftey inflatable. 15 ft. X 15 ft.

Money Machine
Guest enters this Beautiful Enclosed Vault and has 20 seconds to catch as much “Funny Money” as possible. “Funny Money” can be customized to fit your needs.
Standard 110 outlet
Size: 6ft x 6ft space needed
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